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St Patrick's Irish Club

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Last updated June 2021. 

Please see key headlines we have put in place following our written risk assessment, with the view to keeping our staff, members and wider community as safe as we possibly can.

  • Our opening hours our 7pm until late during the week and from midday at the weekend (Saturday until midnight, Sunday until 7pm).     
  • All patrons will be asked to use the NHS Test & Trace App, those who don't have it will be asked to write down their details upon entry.  Details will remain confidential to staff only and will remain on site for 21 days, after which they will be destroyed. 
  • A one-way system has been introduced with directional arrows and barriers to assist.  With social distancing measures in place we can seat 96 in the big hall downstairs, 54 in the members room and 72 in the upstairs room.  There will be no standing - you must have a table in order to drink. 
  • All patrons must wear a mask upon entry and can only take it off once they are seated.  
  • Table service is in place. 
  • Full guidance on social distancing measures and staying safe have been displayed throughout the club on posters. 
  • A system has been devised so that only one person can enter the toilets at any given time.
  • Hands-free hand sanitiser stations have been positioned at every entry & exit point to the building.  Our members will be reminded of the constant need to sanitise their hands on the way in and out of the building.
  • Screen guards have been erected on the bar.
  • PPE has been provided to all staff - and our staff have been fully briefed on the new guidelines and measures that have been introduced
  • A cleaning scheduled has been devised for continuous cleaning of touch points and surfaces in all public areas throughout our opening hours, including the toilets.
  • The bar person will also be continuously cleaning behind the bar whilst serving and pouring drinks.
  • Music / TV is permitted but it must be kept to a low/reasonable level so that people are not raising their voices to be heard.  
  • Children are still very much welcomed, but they must still follow the social distancing guidelines. 
  • If a member or visitor continually ignores the measures we have put in the place they will not be served and will be asked to leave.

If you wish to view the full risk assessment a copy can be found on our club premises.